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Himalayan Detoxification Bath Soaps
Himalayan Detoxification Bath Soaps View>
Description: This chemical-free bar of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt can be used as a natural and healthy alternative for eliminating odor-causing bacteria. When applied wet to the skin, it leaves an invisible, protective layer of salt that works throughout the day ...
$6.00 In Stock (500) Weight 0.00
Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt
Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt View>
Description: The unique crystaline structure of Himalayan Mountain salt was formed two hundred and fifty million years ago by the heat and pressure generated as the Himalayan forced itself up from the ancient sea bed between tectonic plates.The salt here has been harv...
$8.00 In Stock (200) Weight 0.00
Himalayan Bag of Chunks
Himalayan Bag of Chunks View>
Description: Suitable for Saunas,steam rooms & bath. Adding a few Himalayan Salt Crystals on top of the steaming rocks will enhance the atmosphere by releasing negative ions. As the crystals evaporate into the air the salty steam will fill the room creating Speleother...
$15.00 In Stock (200) Weight 0.00
Himalayan Detoxification Bath Salt
Himalayan Detoxification Bath Salt View>
Description: Himalayan Salt Crystal mixed with pure essential.The minerals and crystaline structure of the Himalayan crystal salt that many books claim is a great detoxifier on its own and you can feel the double effect.Comes In bilingual label with upc codes. ...
$18.00 In Stock (200) Weight 0.00
Himalayan Muscle & Joint Bath Salt
Himalayan Muscle & Joint Bath Salt View>
Description: ...
$18.00 In Stock (200) Weight 0.00
Himalayan Relaxation Bath Salt
Himalayan Relaxation Bath Salt View>
Description: Himalayan Salt Crystal mixed with pure essential oils.As the muscle warming essential oils are released in to the bath, your tired and aching limbs will loosen, leaving your whole body feeling unwound and relaxed. Comes In bilingual label with upc codes....
$20.00 In Stock (200) Weight 0.00


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