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Himalayan Salt Chunks (For Sole & Bath)

HSC Salt Chunks provide a totally relaxing and therapeutic hot bath that will become a regular routine. These chunks are suitable for both prepairing sole and for bath. Full instructions to prepair sole and bath are printed on the boxes.Using Essential Oil in a Hot Bath. There are many essential oils that can be added to a hot salt bath. Just before you begin your soak and they can serve different purposes. For a Relaxing and calm bath try lavender and cedar wood. Insomnia can be helped with chamomile and /or lavender. For an energizing pick me up, rosemary and lemon are excellent. Try to use organic essential oil (no fragrances) and only a few drops of each are necessary. Half & Full Moon Baths According to ancient core a salt bath taken during the half moon will have the deepest detoxification effects. Some say this detoxifies to the extent of fasting. A Full Moon fast is known for its revitalization and healing effects and weak bioenergetics forces are harmonized. This belief is based on the fact the human body is 70% water and the moons effect on ocean tides and organic life is felt on PLANET EARTH.
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